About us

Guangzhou Balloontec Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016 , a manufacturer located in Guangzhou . we are specialized in balloon manufacturing and full-set production equipment .with a strong background in mechanical engineering and automation . Over the years we have developed off-the-shelf solutions for balloon catheter manufacturing .also helped clients with process and production equipment developments. Sometimes from scratch and sometimes stepping in after initial developments. In all steps we deliver quality and precision from concept to completion.

Adhering to we are a customer-oriented company ,use our ever-increasing comprehensive service capabilities to return every customer who choose Balloontec . we are committed to meeting and exceeding the evolving needs of our customer. strive to achieve and create maximum value for customers ,employees and society .

Our product export to Asia , Africa ,Latin America and other developing countries .

We want to build a relationship with our clients , not only a business relationship ,but also a close partner .


We have a highly creative team of skilled and motivated people, Whenever you require assistance, please call us or send an email and our team will gladly help. Generally our response time is within 24 hours and we will do all that we can to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.

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E-mail:tacy@balloontec.cn    Mob:+86 15920016462    Address:No.202 West 2nd floor,building No.19 Yunpu 3rd Road,Huangpu District,GuangZhou,China