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Balloon Forming Machine BFM-300

Balloon Forming Machine BFM-300


Overview :

The Balloon Forming Machine BFM-300 is used to produce plastic balloons , and the production process is fully controlled by PLC .Widely used in the production of cardiovascular balloons ,peripheral vascular balloons , stent delivery balloons . Suitable materials include Nylon 12 , Pebax , PU , PET etc ,Cylindrical , conical , circular , papilary balloons etc . can be produced according to different heating water jacket and moulds .

Technical specifications

  • Balloon forming diameter range         0.5-50mm

  • Balloon forming length range             1-300mm

  • Dimensions                                          1750*560*535mm

  • Power supply                                       220V 50Hz 3300 watts

  • Nitrogen inpput range                         0-1000PSI

  • Air supply                                             80-120psi

  • Nitrogen output range                        1.0 to 68bar (1 to 1000psi)

  • Nitrogen output accuracy                    0.5BAR

  • Tensile force range                               0-440N

  • Left and right stretching stroke            0-350mm

  • Water Chiller

    Power supply 220VAC 50/60 Hz 800W

    Refrigeration temperature : 5 C -normal temperature ,water tank volume 20L

  • Equipment heating capacity              Normal temperature to 300 C

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